Organic Sicilian basil pesto 190g

Ingredients: basil* (53%), extra virgin olive oil* (32%), almonds* (5%), concentrated apple juice*, apple cider vinegar*, dried tomato*, sea salt, garlic*, black pepper*.

Organic, vegan and gluten-free. Preservative free. May contain traces of celery and nuts.


biologico vegano e gluten free



Organic Sicilian basil pesto is a culinary delicacy that will bring the flavor of Sicilian tradition to your table. This pesto is produced with high quality organic ingredients, grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, to guarantee maximum goodness and wholesomeness.

Fresh basil, carefully selected and grown in the green Sicilian hills, is the basis of this pesto, together with almonds and a pinch of whole sea salt. The traditional Sicilian recipe also includes the addition of dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and garlic, for an intense and rounded flavour.

Sicilian basil pesto is ideal for enriching your favorite pasta dish, such as the classic spaghetti or penne rigate, but also for seasoning croutons, bruschetta and sandwiches. Thanks to its creamy and homogeneous consistency, it is easy to spread and to dose according to your tastes.

Choose the organic Sicilian basil pesto to bring the authentic flavor of Sicilian cuisine to the table, enjoying a healthy and natural product, without sacrificing quality and goodness.

Condiment for first courses and meats or to flavor sauces. After opening, add extra virgin olive oil and keep in the fridge. Consume within 10/12 days.

Net content Organic Sicilian basil pesto

190 g



Technical details

EPAL 80×120
Pcs for pallet 2520
Thermopack for pallet 210
Thermopack for layer 15
Weight 950 kg
Height 160 cm
EPAL 100×120
Pcs for pallet 3192
Thermopack for pallet 266
Thermopack for layer 19
Weight 1100 kg
Height 160 cm

Additional information


324,36 Kcal / 1451,82 Kj

Total fat of which saturated

35,06 g / 5,42 g

Carbohydrates of which sugars

4,45 g / 4,10 g


3,79 g


2,86 g


1,20 g


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