CONVIVIA – For Italian Food Lovers is a company that was born in Sicily, on the slopes of the Etna volcano, from the desire to bring the tradition of high quality Sicilian good food to our consumers’ table. The convivial joy that fills the hearts of Sicilians, always looking for new opportunities for sharing dishes cooked with care and love for others, is the deepest feeling that has given rise not only to our brand, but to our entire project .

In identifying the range of CONVIVIA products, all certified Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free, we let ourselves be guided by the typical vegetables of Sicilian cuisine, thinking in particular of cherry tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, chillies and wild fennel.

Our products are, in fact, made with raw materials of exclusively Sicilian origin, mostly grown in the fields adjacent to the production plant. Each vegetable, chosen by the attentive and wise eye of our technologists, is harvested only during the season, so as to allow it to be processed during the full ripening phase, i.e. when the Sicilian sun has made it full of aromas, taste and flavor. Obviously, all our products are made exclusively with extra virgin olive oil.

The production plant is structured with modern and cutting-edge technologies and machinery, which allow us to respect high quality standards in the production processes, without neglecting the craftsmanship of the recipes.

The traditionality from which our products originated is balanced by a modern, minimalist and captivating packaging, based on transparency that allows us to make the colors of our raw materials the only true protagonists of the jar.

In short, quality, simplicity and tradition are the real secret ingredients of CONVIVIA products, capable of preserving the scent of our Sicilian land.

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