Sicily is a region where there are many typical recipes of the Sicilian tradition and made with vegetables grown only in Sicily. There are many pestos and patés made in Sicily: one of the typical products of Sicily is wild fennel pesto, made with fennel that grows naturally and spontaneously in the Sicilian countryside. Then there is the Trapanese pesto which is made according to the typical Trapani recipe, therefore with tomato, almonds and basil. An ideal Sicilian red pesto to season a nice spaghetti is definitely the pesto alla carrettiera. A well-known pesto is the pistachio pesto made in Bronte (to be tried in all its variations). Paté is like pesto but less granular: it is therefore ideal to be spread on bread or croutons to enjoy them during your aperitifs. Also excellent for appetizers. A very particular organic paté is the eggplant paté which is produced by the Sicilian company Convivia, a vegan and gluten-free organic paté made only with Sicilian vegetables. You just have to choose the flavors of Sicilian pesto!

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