Shipping costs and conditions

The shipping cost is:

– to Italy : € 8,00 . Free shipping for all the purchases exceeding € 80,00.

The shipping cost to Coutries other than Italy is fixed and without limits of weight and volume, as follows:

– Europe (EU): € 30,00; 

– Europe (but non-EU): € 50,00; 

– Africa / Asia / Oceania / U.S.A.: € 120,00.

In the case of purchasing of multiple items, the conditions do not change. 

In our online website may happen that there are some special products that always have free shipping: in this case, the product will be highlighted with specific messages such as “FREE SHIPPING”.

Safe and insured shipping:

For shipments, we use impact-resistant double-wave cardboard packaging. Instead, for the shipment of bottles we use special certified boxes.

In any case, to protect you as much as possible, shipments are always insured for cases of breakage, theft or loss.

Preparation for fresh products:

For the shipment of cheeses and cured meats (always vacuum-packed and labeled only by the manufacturer) we use special polystyrene boxes with a reusable ice block inside. Once the products have been inserted, the package is sealed and placed inside a cardboard box. In this way, the product will arrive cool even after 48 hours.

To avoid spoilage, orders containing fresh products are shipped Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Receipt of goods:

At the time of delivery of the goods by the courier in charge, the customer is required to check:

– That the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document;

– That the packaging is intact and not altered even in the closing strips;

– That the seals of guarantee (where provided) are intact.

All shipments made by “Intex srl” are always insubre: therefore, in order to obtain a refund, it is essential to respect the following instructions in case of tampering and / or breakages:

The Customer must immediately dispute the shipment and / or the delivery by writing the specific reserve “GOODS CONTROL RESERVE FOR (indicate the reason, for example “damaged package”)” on the delivery document received by the courier. A generic and unmotivated “CONTROL RESERVE” is neither good nor sufficient for these purposes.

If there is no specific reserve (as explained above) on the delivery document, the damage can no longer be contested.

After this reserve, the customer has to take some photos of the damaged  parcel as delivered by the courier and also of the damaged products inside it. 

Subsequently, the customer has to report any damage within 24 hours of receipt of the goods directly to our email address:

Delivery time:

Shipments are made by express courier usually within 48 hours from the purchase. Couriers do not deliver on Saturdays, Sundays and on national holidays. Delivery times are approximately of 48/72 hours. After the purchase, the customer will receive the code to track the package and know the status of the shipment. For any doubt or clarification, you can write to or to the customer service directly on the website.