Ready to use cherry tomato sauce with organic peppers 330g

Ingredients: cherry tomato* (93%), peppers* (4.6%), extra virgin olive oil* (1.4%), sea salt, basil* (0.4%). *From organic farming.

Organic, gluten-free and vegan. Without preservatives and without added sugar.


biologico vegano e gluten free



Our Organic Cherry Tomato Sauce with Peppers is a delicious combination of sun-ripened organic cherry tomatoes and fresh peppers, carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and authentic taste of Mediterranean flavours.

Prepared with natural and organic ingredients, our sauce is free from artificial preservatives, colors and flavourings, to offer a healthy and tasty product suitable for all tastes and the most demanding food needs.

The sauce is ideal for enriching pasta, rice, vegetables, meat and fish, to create tasty dishes full of flavor in just a few minutes.

The 330g glass packaging is easy to store and can be reused, thus reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste.

Order now our Ready Organic Cherry Tomato Sauce with Peppers and discover the true taste of the Italian tradition!

Ready-to-use sauce for pasta, only to be heated, does not require cooking. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 3/4 days.

Net content cherry tomato sauce with peppers

330 g bottle

Origin of the tomato



Ready sauces

Technical details


EPAL 80×120
Pcs for pallet 1620
Thermopack for pallet 135
Thermopack for layer 15
Weight 770 kg
Height 170 cm
EPAL 100×120
Pcs for pallet 2052
Thermopack for pallet 171
Thermopack for layer 19
Weight 970 kg
Height 170 cm

Additional information


34,02 Kcal / 142,13 Kj

Fats of which saturated

1,60 / 0,26 g

Carbohydrates of which sugars

3,46 / 3,46 g


0,94 g


0,98 g


0,76 g


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