Extra jam of organic white figs 360g

Ingredients: figs*, brown sugar*, gelling agent: fruit pectin, acidifier: citric acid. *From organic farming.

Organic, gluten-free and vegan. Without preservatives and without added sugar.


biologico vegano e gluten free



Our organic white fig extra jam is prepared exclusively with high quality ingredients, carefully selected to offer an excellent quality product with an intense and fruity taste. We only use organic white figs, grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

The organic white fig extra jam is perfect for enriching your breakfasts and snacks, but also as an ingredient for cakes and desserts. The texture is thick and creamy, with bits of fruit that explode in your mouth. The flavor is sweet and fruity, with slightly acidic notes that perfectly balance the overall taste.

Our Extra jam of organic white figs is packaged in 360 g glass jars, perfect for keeping the flavor and texture of the jam intact. It is also an excellent gift idea for lovers of good food and high quality organic ingredients.

In summary, if you are looking for a high quality white fig extra jam, look no further. Our jam is the perfect choice for those looking for an organic, healthy and tasty product.

Net content organic white fig jam

360 g jar

Origin of figs



Jams and marmalades

Technical details


EPAL 80×120
Pcs for pallet 1248
Boxes for pallet 208
Boxes for layer 26
Weight 750 kg
Height 115 cm
EPAL 100×120
Pcs for pallet 1632
Boxes for pallet 272
Boxes for layer 34
Weight 940 kg
Height 115 cm

Additional information


262 Kcal / 1110 Kj

Fats of which saturated

0,4 g / 0g

Carbohydrates of which sugars

60 g / 59 g


0,6 g


0 g


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