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Convivia will exhibit at Nordic Organic Food & Ecolife 2021

ecolife 2021

Food, planet, future.

(from 17 to 18 November 2021, in MalmöMässan – Sweden) – The Nordic Organic Food & Ecolife is the largest trade event for certified organic food and beverages organized in the Nordic countries, reserved to the leading producers of high quality organic products.

The focus on eating well and naturally is growing all over the world and, above all, in Europe.

Organic food is the result of organic farming that exploits the natural fertility of the soil by limiting external interventions. This type of agriculture promotes the biodiversity of domestic species (both plants and animals) and excludes the use of synthetic chemical products and genetically modified organisms.

Everything that is introduced into your body has consequences on our health: this is the reason why organic has become the life choice of many people. The taste of organic foods is natural and, therefore, the products are full of flavor and more genuine.

Furthermore, organic foods are rich in active ingredients and are not contaminated by chemicals. Furthermore, organic production reduces the waste of raw materials and respects environmental biodiversity.

Shortly, eating organic not only helps our body to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also helps the planet. This is the reason why CONVIVIA has chosen to produce organically.

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